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Society of St. Vincent De Paul (SSVP)

The St John the Baptist Conference of the Society of St Vincent de Paul now has eleven active members, and one auxiliary member.  We have our meetings every three weeks, after Wednesday Mass in the Oratory.  The president is Marie Allan , who can be contacted via the Parish Office. 


We visit people in our district who are lonely, sick, housebound or in difficulties, and we are happy to consult other agencies when advice or material help is needed.  We visit patients in Corstorphine Hospital, we have an annual senior citizen's outing, and we arrange a caravan holiday for a family every year. 


We jointly celebrate a Mass of the Sick twice a year with St Kentigern's Conference, and help provide transport and refreshments afterwards.  We share a bring'n'buy stall after the Mass in October, and this raises funds for our twin conference with Mount Caramel in Ahmedabad, India.


Anyone who would like to know more about SSVP activities at home and abroad, can log on to our website at

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